About Us

We have dependably worked with the point of contacting the Indian destitute utilizing football as a device for social improvement and strengthening. Mahavir FC started dependent on the basic way of thinking ‘Football for All’. Most associations working with the game as a change operator stress on improvement through game as their core interest. Mahavir FC has dependably intended to discover center ground by guaranteeing that while looking for the advantages that game ideas to network improvement, advancement of the game itself isn’t ignored.

While there is a feeling of fulfillment at what we have accomplished up to this point, the abrogating feeling is that our work has quite recently started and we have a long, long approach. It is currently time that we at Mahavir FC reconsider our desires,
rebuild our objectives and survey our procedure. Over the previous decade, no stone was forgotten unturned in looking for more up to date roads where we could have possibly had any kind of effect. We must be progressively judicious now and guarantee that we completely receive the rewards of our past endeavors by embracing the mantra of combination. It is not necessarily the case that extension as a hypothesis should be sidelined; rather we need to verify that any development plans supplement our arrangement for institutionalization.

Nira Dave

President of Mahavir F. C Junagadh

Nira Dave, a headstrong and independent woman is passionate about her work towards uplifting and progressing girls and boys in playing football.

Being a mother of two and coaching her son to progress his skills in the field of football for the past 7 years, has able her to give a hands-on approach in the sport at a grass root level.

She has artistically and successfully juggled her responsibilities towards football as well as being a partner at J. K. Hospital and a proprietor at J. K. Chemist.

She believes that football is a sport that helps to inculcate team spirit and self discipline in players whilst challenging oneself at every level of the game.

Her passion and dedication towards football has been proven many times over by supporting and encouraging matches, not only on Indian grounds, but also Internationally.

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rana digvihaysingh




ankita shah

Joint Secretary of MAHAVIR F.C JUNAGADH