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30 Day Free Football Camp

Use the power of football to engage, educate and empower children in life skills, for a holistic development

The game, loved by the world, is now reaching out and touching lives at a town in the western state of India, Gujarat.

A free 30 day football coaching camp in Bhavnagar, Gujarat led by the national level coach, Satyanarayan Chura, is organized in being focused on providing a fun and valuable experience for the less privileged children who are fascinated about football.

Coach Chura is passionate about introducing the concept of sports and team spirit to children that have less or no resources, he is dedicated to bring about the upliftment of talent in football from the grass-root level.

cThis camp is totally free of cost and has been done so thanks to the support and contribution from Mahavir Football Club, Junagadh, who will be supplying the full football kit to each player, this is the only football club in Gujarat in singularly donating for the entire team.

Mahavir F C aims to conduct similar football camps with the objective of engaging more youth, to promote the sport and identifying the most talented player and nurturing them through focused youth training programs. They are serious about rewarding top talent from grass root levels as they believe that there is a lack of proper system of training kids at the bottom of the pyramid.

Coach Chura believes that many of these children lack life skills and through football he can get them to feel like winners and make them feel confident. This camp shall be a platform to introduce the concept of critical thinking, self-awareness and team work. It is not just an event for children of less privileged backgrounds to play football but also an opportunity for hidden talents to excel and achieve their true goals.